the very first tumblr dedicated to exopink, the crackship pairing made of exo and apink respectively.

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I believe very strongly that when it comes to desire, when it comes to attraction, that things are never black and white, things are very much shades of grey. — Brian Molko

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Anonymous whispered: Are you by any chance in need of admins/graphic editors?

if anyone’s interested in applying, then sure! go here for more details.

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class presidents kim junmyeon and park chorong model their school’s uniforms and chorong finds the shoot a lot more amusing than she should.

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Anonymous whispered: did the pic of hayoung and sehun is real ? or it is edited ?

they are all edited pictures. the top two are from various selcas posted by them/other students and the bottom two are from apink story & radio show pictures.

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subaek mcs dancing to nonono

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we clawed, we chained our hearts in vain

we jumped never asking why

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Anonymous whispered: Can the admin list the couple that they ships? Wether it's a brotp or an otp. I'm doing some survey haha thankyou♡♡♡

i can’t really speak for the other admins, but they can edit this post with their answers whenever they see it?

admin k: chohan, kaieun, baekmi, chenjoo (brotp)

admin l: sekaieun, surong, and then other ships (including brotp ships) sorta just come and go

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Anonymous whispered: Are you guys taking requests? Can I request a Hayoung/Sehun edit?

we’re not really taking requests, but here ya go!! wooooo

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♡ oh maknaes then and now ♡

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Anonymous whispered: hello, i just wanna ask, what do you think abt baekmi ship? i barely find any baekmi edits or fanfics as well. actually i've been shipping baekmi for long time ago bcs i think they have same personality and nowadays, in every videos of exo watching apink, he was only sang bomi's part and lately at seoul music awards, he was also only sang bomi's part+giggling over one of bomi's part. idk if he's like her as afanboy or there's smth going on. I just excited :D u should make gifs of it! Thanks!

hello! admin k here. i can’t really speak for the other admins (although i do know that admin j ships baekmi as well!!!) but i personally agree with you completely! i think that it’s a really cute ship with lots of great potential. both baekhyun and bomi have fun, silly personalities and i believe they would click really well~.

i never noticed what you pointed out about him singing bbom’s parts, but i think it’s pretty likely that he’s a fanboy. ;^; i mean, he even said on weekly idol that he wanted to be an mc like bomi and ilhoon, which means he at least watches the show enough to know who she is! (and this is a bit delu but it seems like he wants to mc with her. and who wouldn’t love to see that?!)

but yeah, that’s my opinion on it. i haven’t seen many edits or fics around either - but hopefully there will be more stuff out there, eventually!

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