the very first tumblr dedicated to exopink, the crackship pairing made of exo and apink respectively.

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naeunlover whispered: I really love your blog~ I have a question. Who do you ship with Naeun?

thank you!!! i believe most of us admins ship kaieun, but i’ll let the others edit in with their naeun exopink ships!

admin k: kaieun

admin j: i actually ship none of ‘em with naeun, but if i had to pick, it’d be kai. hence, kaieun! (tis me guilty pleasure ship.)

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chohan university au || in which luhan, star of the school’s basketball team, spends way too much time out on the court and not enough time out courting his girlfriend. (insp)

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(insp. )

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can i be close to you?

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the maknae team gets thrown into the pool as a penalty for losing the match

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luhan x naeun requested by anon ♥

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nico’s exopink writing contest:
basically it’s a contest a writer ( nicorobin ) created on aff that’s dedicated for exopink pairings. leaning more towards pairings who aren’t commonly known and familiar. thought i’d share it here for others who didn’t see it! make sure to reblog this if you’re interested in joining or if you’ll be the reader for those who are joining in! If you ever need help in ideas on a prompt or a vivid review ahead of time, I’m always open and available to lend a hand. Never be discouraged or insecure about your writing skills, join for the fun, enjoy other pairings and be supportive but most importantly do it out of the enjoyment as well.


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exopink highschool!au ; no ones know how the hell sehun and bomi fell in love with each other and no ones know how the hell the basketball’s captain, minseok fell in love with the admirer’s poetry words in her love-letter.

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when taemin puts naeun (and apink) in the trust of exo, a.k.a. worst time to have twelve members dancing all at once 

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top ballerino jongin takes naeun under his wing as a favour to his teacher aka her relative

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